CD Cover: 'Weave' by Eve Egoyan

Eve Egoyan Piano
2006 Earwitness Records

Works by:
James Tenney
Martin Arnold
Jo Kondo
Michael Finnissy

CD Booklet : English / Français

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Reviews: Lancette / Wholenote / Wire / International Piano

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Herl by Martin Arnold


Pianist Eve Egoyan champions music by living composers. Weave features four world première recordings of works composed for her by uniquely individual compositional voices: one of Japan’s foremost composers, Jo Kondo; computer and electronic music pioneer James Tenney; the experimental Torontonian Martin Arnold; and one of the world’s most celebrated composers, Britain’s Michael Finnissy.

“The works on this disc, distilled examples of each composer’s aesthetic and craft, represent them well. All pieces explore layering or weaving of materials. Finnissy weaves together fragments drawn from different sources, folkloric materials and veiled quotations from standard repertoire. Kondo works within angular harmonic densities, voicing through them with held pitches, the melodic thread. Tenney explores lyrical interweaving of three melodic lines, structurally working in waves of register and density, coming in and out of sparser melodic moments into naturally occurring thicker weaves. Arnold uses piano register and voicing to bring together disparate pianistic materials varying from whimsical to wondrous.”
– Eve Egoyan