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Eve Egoyan - thethingsinbetween

Disc reveals a sensuous Eve Egoyan


by Robert Everett-Green
The Globe and Mail

Rating: ***1/2

Unfortunately, the Globe and Mail has not given us the permission to post the entirety of Robert Everett-Green’s review of Eve’s CD.

“A fine debut disc… thoughtfully sensuous performance… blurs the past and the present into a delicious puzzle album of deconstructed waltzes, evocative diary pages and shimmering drones to set your pulse by.”

on Michael Finnissy’s Strauss-Walzer:
“Imagine a waltz, then a dream of a waltz, then a recollection of that dream. You’ve taken the first step toward the urbane opening work on Toronto pianist Eve Egoyan’s fine debut disc.
…tipsy, eloquent pieces…”

on Michael Longton’s Piano Diary:
“…much savouring of the resonance and precision of a concert grand…
…Egoyan’s thoughtfully sensuous performance…”

on Alvin Curran’s For Cornelius:
“…At moments, the sound seems to detach itself from a recognizable source — this could be a piano, or a welter of synthesized sound…”

on Linda C. Smith’s A Nocturne:
“Linda Smith’s Nocturne is like a serene walk over a tightwire, with small exquisite events at either end of the keyboard testing their weight against a fixed tone in the middle.”