Long Biography

Eve Egoyan is an artist whose medium is the piano. Her performances encompass extremely contrasting sensibilities: from Alvin Curran’s five-hour long Inner Cities to Erik Satie’s miniatures; from minimalist Simple Lines of Enquiry by Ann Southam to maximalist complexity works by Michael Finnissy; from the barely audible to roaring overtone-filled resonances; from the rigorous interpretation of a score to free improvisation. 

Eve Egoyan has firmly established herself as an internationally recognized interpreter of contemporary piano concert music. She has won numerous awards and consistently receives acclaim for her performances and recordings. Renowned composers James Tenney (U.S./ Canada), Alvin Curran (U.S.), Ann Southam (Canada), Rudolf Komorous (Canada), Maria de Alvear (Germany), Michael Finnissy (Britain), Karen Tanaka (Japan), Martin Arnold (Canada), Linda Catlin Smith (Canada) and Jo Kondo (Japan) have written for her amongst amongst many others. 

Eve has released twelve critically acclaimed solo discs, eleven of works by living composers and one disc of works by Erik Satie. Her discs have received accolades including “Best Classical” The Globe and Mail (1999) for her first solo CD, and more recently one of “Ten Top” classical discs, The New Yorker magazine (2009), and “Top Classical Disc of the Year”, The Globe and Mail (2011). Eve’s disc of works by Linda Catlin Smith was featured on columnist Alex Ross’ “Nightafternight playlist”. Most recently, Eve released De Puro Amor / En Amor Duro, Maria de Alvear’s epic diptych.

Eve was a member of the ground-breaking multidisciplinary performance collective, URGE, in the creation of their second full-length piece, She promised she’d bake a pie… . Founded by Fides Krucker, the interdisciplinary female collective’s creative process was examined in a one-our television documentary on the CBC’s Adrienne Clarkson Presents. URGE’s groundbreaking process has been written about in Opus Magazine, Musicworks, for Playwrights Canada Press and other scholarly papers.

In 2009, Eve was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (FRSC). Other honours include numerous commissions and awards from the Canada Council, Ontario and Toronto Arts Councils, FACTOR, a University of Victoria Distinguished Alumna Award, a K.M. Hunter Award, a Chalmers Award and a Chalmers Arts Fellowship. As a student, Eve received a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Scholarship) for study at the Hochschüle der Kunste in Berlin (1985 – 86) and a Commonwealth Scholarship for study at the Royal Academy of Music in London (1986 – 1989). She holds a M.Mus. in performance from the University of Toronto. Eve was selected as one of 25 top Canadian pianists of all time by the CBC. 

Eve received New Chapters funding from the Canada Council of the Arts to develop SOLO FOR DUET, a deeply integrated virtuosic mix of sound, image, and unspoken narrative challenging traditional conceptions of piano and pianist. Premiered at the Luminato Festival in Toronto, this work is presently touring internationally. 

Recent touring includes solo recitals at the following festivals: Transart, Italy; Klangspuren, Austria; the Huddersfield Festival, U.K.; and the Modulus Festival, Vancouver, Canada.

Presently, Eve is creating a series of works for herself which delve into the space between “what a piano can do” and “what I wish a piano could do” combining acoustic piano with new technologies. www.eveegoyan.com