Review: The Wire

The Wire

October 2006

“Eve Egoyan’s self-released solo piano album takes its title from To Weave (A Meditation) by James Tenney – one of four pieces written for her during 2001-2003 which get their premieres on disc here. Three lines, sometimes so slow moving they’re not heard as separate, make a dissonant counterpoint, the nearest this explorer of the physics of sound will come to classical technique. The relentless homophony of Herl, by Toronto based Martin Arnold, makes the 24 minute experience as hypnotic as Tenney’s grave polyphony – until it ends in an eccentric jig. Jo Kondo’s Metaphonesis belongs with Tenney in the way its percussive chords are just ‘there’, not suggesting development or inviting comprehension. Unlike these austere visions, Michael Finnissy’s ERIK SATIE, like anyone else references musical tradition. Pastiche of the French maverick breaks through the fluid dissonances of New Complexity, as in the cakewalk around the 15 minute mark, though the ending is downbeat. A compelling recital by a remarkable communicator and cheerleader”. -Andy Hamilton