Wu Review: Sceneandheard


Eve Egoyan
Rudolf Komorous’ Wu
Candareen Records

The latest recording from pianist Eve Egoyan is a minimal concert-length recording of BC-based composer Rudolf Komorous’ Wu.

The hour-long piece unfolds at an almost glacial pace. The stripped down nature of Wu draws the listener’s attention to every subtle nuance of Egoyan’s playing. It abundantly clear why she’s sought after by composers from around the world, you can feel the passion that went into every note of the recording.

Wustarts off slowly, with notes appearing seemingly out of nowhere, lulling the listener into a hypnotic, dream-like state. The first jolt seems to come out of nowhere at the 20 minute mark when Egoyan pounds out several chords before settling back into the languid nature of the piece.

This CD is perfectly suited to quiet contemplation or meditation. Egoyan’s carefully restrained playing brings a sense of awe-inspiring beauty to the piece, proving that you can often achieve the best results by taking a simple approach to music.
– Andrew Horan,  Music Editor, Sceneandheard.ca