Touring programmes

The Art of Touching the Keyboard : New Music for Piano

A selection of works from Eve’s repertoire of music by living composers written for her (please see Eve’s Repertoire in her Press Kit)

Hidden Corners : Music of Erik Satie

A selection of works by Satie from all of his compositional periods.

Asking, WU or Simple Lines of Enquiry

One or all three of the following one hour long works written for Eve: Maria de Alvear Asking; Rudolf Komorous WU; Ann Southam Simple Lines of Enquiry (with or without video Machine for Taking Time by David Rokeby)


Maria de Alvear’s De Puro Amor and En Amor Duro


Works for disklavier or piano with image (for detailed programme please see “EarWitness”). To view excerpts from this programme, please visit VIDEO on this site.

Canada has an unusually rich community of artists who work in both image and sound. Inspired by this community, Eve Egoyan established Earwitness as a parallel stream to her solo piano practice of contemporary composed music. Many Earwitness works explore a hybrid art form, where sound and visual elements become equal creative partners.


Palimpia (2016) John Oswald
1. silent mode
2. further more
3. retro inversion ritard
4. cat and mouse
5. masked intruder
6. evitable accelerandoings

David Lynch Études (2016) Nicole Lizée

EVƎ (solo piano for Eve Egoyan) (2014) Michael Snow

Homonymy (1998, rvsd. 2016) John Oswald

Surface Tension (2009) Eve Egoyan / David Rokeby


A Governor General’s Media Arts Laureate, Ars Electronica and Untitled Arts Award winner, as well as an inductee into the CBC Alternative Walk of Fame, John Oswald is third in a list of the most internationally influential Canadian musicians, tied with Celine Dion.

Called a “brilliant musical scientist”, Montreal composer Nicole Lizée creates new music from an eclectic mix of influences including early MTV videos, turntablism, glitch and rave culture. A Civitella Ranieri Foundation Fellow and recipient of the Canada Council for the Arts Jules Léger Prize, her commission list includes the Kronos Quartet, BBC Proms, and the San Francisco Symphony.

Michael Snow started a career as a jazz pianist in 1947. Since the 60’s he’s played piano, synthesizer and other instruments in free improvisation ensembles, including CCMC of Toronto. He has made many recordings. His compositions include Hue Chroma Tint (1999) commissioned by the Burdocks ensemble, featuring Eve Egoyan as pianist. Snow is also a visual artist (painting, photo-works, holography, film, video and sculpture). He has made several public artworks in Toronto such as Flight Stop (Eaton Centre) and The Audience (Rogers Centre).

David Rokeby works with a variety of digital media to critically explore the impacts these media are having on contemporary human lives. He has exhibited and lectured extensively internationally and has received numerous awards including a Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts, a Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica for Interactive Art, and a British Academy of Film and Television Arts “BAFTA” award in Interactive art.