Short Bio

Eve Egoyan is an internationally celebrated Armenian-Canadian artist whose medium is the piano. She continually re-invents her relationship with her instrument by creating, commissioning, and performing new works.

Trained as a classical pianist, Eve followed her curiosity into contemporary music when she arrived in Toronto thirty years ago, inspired by an emerging generation of Toronto-based composers. Her twelve solo CDs primarily feature works she has commissioned, and have received accolades including “Best Classical” (The Globe and Mail 1999) for her first CD, one of “Ten Top” classical discs (The New Yorker 2009), and “Top Classical Disc of the Year” (The Globe and Mail 2011). Eve was selected as one of 25 top Canadian pianists of all time by the CBC, and is the recipient of the 2019 Muriel Sherrin Award.

She is currently focused on creating works for a newly imagined instrument that delves into the space between what a piano can do and what she has always wished it could do. The core of these works is the live acoustic sound of the physical piano as she plays, but through the delicate intervention of technology, she tests (and teases) the edges of the instrument’s natural sound, ultimately pushing it beyond the familiar, through the impossible, and into the extraordinary.

Eve works to improve gender equity both as a performer and as a voice in the contemporary music community.