Reviews: Hidden Corners

Artist: Suzor-Cote, Aurele de Foy (Canadian 1869 - 1937) Title: Stream in Winter Description: Oil on Canvas 60.6 X 73.3 cm Credit: Art Gallery of Ontario: Gift of Moffat Dunlap from the Estate of his mother, Mrs. R.A. Dunlap, 1947. Photo: Carlo Catenazzi, AGO

It ‘s a dream come true: pianist Eve Egoyan applying her nuanced touch and fresh mind to the piano works of Erik Satie… Egoyan’s insight into Satie, like her ability to penetrate the darkest shades of contemporary music, illuminates this precious repertoire… A treasure chest… An intensely personal experience. ~ Sunday Herald, Halifax, 2002

Egoyan strikes an artful, supple balance in her interpretations, expressing emotion without sentimentality and austerity without rigidity… Expertly recorded and exquisitely performed. ~ The Wholenote, Toronto, 2002

A fruitful and satisfying way to hear Satie…
~ Globe and Mail, Toronto, 2002

EVE EGOYAN Erik Satie Hidden Corners (CBC) No French composer offers a more zesty antidote to German portentousness than Erik Satie, whose aphoristic piano pieces (CBC Records squeezes no fewer than 57 of them into this 69: 25 minute disc) are full of wit, experiment and an ability to distil thoughts into epigrammatic statements. Canada’s Eve Egoyan has joined France’s Jean-Yves Thibaudet (on Decca) in reviving many of these long-ignored pieces. A specialist in contemporary music, she brings a lively rhythmic sense and an instinct for clarity to all of them. Helpful notes by the Satie scholar Robert Orledge of the University of Liverpool round out the album. ~ William Littler, Toronto Star, December 19, 2002