EarWitness is a deeply integrated virtuosic mix of sound, image, and unspoken narrative challenging traditional conceptions of piano and pianist, performed by Eve Egoyan. Animating the concert stage, EarWitness is an innovative, multi-sensory journey leading its audience through layered emotional musical worlds; contrastingly introspective, startling, playful, poetic, and urgent.

John Oswald's Homonymy

John Oswald’s Homonymy

Works to be performed:

• Thought and Desire (piano and amplified voice), Composer: Linda Catlin Smith

• David Lynch Études (amplified piano, amplified voice/foot stomping/guitar and soundtrack with

video), Composer: Nicole Lizée

• EVƎ (solo piano), Composer: Michael Snow

• Homonymy (prepared disklavier, voice, movement and video), Composer/ Artist: John Oswald

• Surface Tension (disklavier and real-time video), Co-creators: Eve Egoyan/David Rokeby

• Duet for solo piano (new work for sampling disklavier), Composer: Eve Egoyan


Surface Tension Eve Egoyan / David Rokeby

All the works on this gender balanced programme are by Canadian artists.

In her collaboration with David Rokeby, Eve’s performance conjures visual worlds, extending the piano into a visual instrument as well as a musical one. Eve’s intuitive understanding of the visuals and how they respond to musical gestures drives her improvisations. Nicole Lizée’s “glitch” inspired work obsessively remixes the films of David Lynch. Eve keeps in sync with the remixes of the film tracks and also co-ordinates extra-pianistic musical textures including foot stomping, singing and performing on amplified acoustic guitar. Michael Snow’s unusual compositional process results in a breathtaking pianistic tour de force. The musical score is in free proportional notation written independently for each hand challenging hand independence. John Oswald’s Homonymy is a playfully theatrical bilingual homage to Michael Snow’s great silent film So Is This. Created in rehearsal with Eve, Homonymy’s multi-layered landscape includes speaking, singing and playing on the strings as well as duets with the disklavier playing itself like a player piano. In Linda Catlin Smith’s work Eve softly sings a Shakespeare sonnet shadowing the sound of the piano, drawing us deeply into the intertwined sounding sources. Duet for solo piano created by Eve will delve into the space between “what a piano can do” and “what I wish a piano could do”. In addition to being an acoustic piano, a disklavier can trigger sampled sounds. This allows Eve to combine the sound of the piano with sound samples, directly enhancing the sound of the piano as she plays. The composition will be a dialogue between the real piano and its sampled self.


Nicole Lizée’s David Lynch Etudes

The emotional and aesthetic contrasts between the pieces of EarWitness are extreme, ranging from works that are exquisitely intimate to overtly theatrical. While experimental, the pieces are also immediately engaging and viscerally thrilling. EarWitness presents these works in a way that creates a rich conversation between them, alternating sections of multi-sensory intensity with periods of delicacy and stillness, drawing my audience in close to listen and then expanding outwards with the addition of visuals and theatrical elements. The contrast between works allows audience members to remain open, stimulated and curious about what might be next.

EarWitness is one of the 200 exceptional projects funded through the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter initiative.

Eve will be performing on a Yamaha Disklavier, an acoustic piano with a computer interface that allows Eve to extend the reach of the piano in many ways. Yamaha Canada Music Ltd. is sponsoring EarWitness for national and international touring.

EarWitness is not just a concert but very much a theatrical presentation. To make this work, the wisdom, experience and creativity of the following theatrical professionals are part of EarWitness’ creative team.

Dramaturge – Joanna McIntyre

Designer – Cheryl Lalonde

Lighting Designer – Simon Rossiter

Technical Producer – Phil Strong

Manager – Adina Herling

EarWitness will be premiered in Toronto, June 2018.

The following are excerpts from the work in progress.

For booking please contact Barbara Scales:

Barbara Scales
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