Short Bio

Eve Egoyan is an artist whose medium is the piano. Her intense focus, command of the instrument, insightful interpretations, and unique programmes welcome audiences into unknown territory. Her recordings have received accolades including “Best Classical”, The Globe and Mail (1999), for her first solo CD, and more recently one of “Ten Top” classical discs, The New Yorker magazine (2009), and “Top Classical Disc of the Year”, The Globe and Mail (2011). Eve’s most recent disc, “Thought and Desire”, celebrates piano works by Linda Catlin Smith. Eve will be releasing Maria de Alvear’s diptych De Puro Amor and En Amor Duro in 2018. Eve’s Solo for Duet, a deeply integrated virtuosic mix of sound, image, and unspoken narrative challenging traditional conceptions of piano and pianist, will be touring internationally through 2018 and beyond. Eve was selected as one of the 25 greatest Canadian classical pianists of all time by the CBC.