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Eve Egoyan - Pianist

Eve Egoyan / pianist
Eve Egoyan is a pianist, an artist whose medium is the piano. Her performances encompass extremely contrasting sensibilities: from Alvin Curran's five-hour long Inner Cities to Erik Satie's miniatures; from minimalist Simple Lines of Enquiry by Ann Southam to maximalist new complexity works by Michael Finnissy; from the barely audible to roaring overtone-filled resonances; from the rigorous interpretation of a score to free improvisation. Egoyan also explores other art forms and technologies in relation to the piano. She has recorded nine solo CDs which have received many accolades including "Best Classical" The Globe and Mail (1999) for her first solo CD, and more recently one of "Ten Top" classical discs, The New Yorker magazine (2009), and "Top Classical Disc of the Year", The Globe and Mail (2011) - all for contemporary solo piano repertoire.

Eve Egoyan named one of the 25 greatest Canadian classical pianists

“Classical music ought to have a sense of adventure, and Eve Egoyan certainly does. One of this country's most respected contemporary music interpreters, Egoyan is willing to take on anything, from improvisation to electronics to whatever the next crazy thing may be. And not only that: she can also make lovely music at the piano. That's crucial.” — M.P.

Essential recording:
Southam : Simple Lines of Enquiry (Centrediscs)

See the complete list here on CBC.ca

NEW: Intimate Solo Concert Series in my Studio

I am planning on presenting intimate solo concerts in my studio for a small number of people. I am setting up an independent listing for these concerts (eve.egoyan@bell.net)



I continue to teach privately at my studio (please be in touch if you are seeking instruction) as well as establishing a new seminar on contemporary music for pianists at the RCM's Glenn Gould School.


2015/2016 season is filling up:

With the releases of two new discs:
Solo piano works by Linda Catlin Smith
De puro Amor and En amor duro by Maria de Alvear

World premières by Nick Storring and John Sherlock

Earwitness (exploring where sound and visual elements become equal creative partners)
touring to:

  • Musée des beaux arts de Montréal at Bourgie Hall (in collaboration with McGill University)
  • Other Minds Festival of New Music
    (San Francisco)
  • Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theatre
    (Los Angeles) Stanford University



New Downloadable Recording

The Other Minds Festival (San Francisco) has released a special download, my world première performance of Inner Cities no. 8 by Alvin Curran (duration 44 minutes) written for me.
For more info...

Download at Amazon.com

Review of Inner Cities no. 8 from Wire Magazine

Inner Cities Review

5 CD Cover

5 World Premiére recordings of posthumous pieces by Ann Southam

The pieces on this disc were discovered in Ann Southam's house following the composer's death in November 2010. They are related to Returnings and Returnings II: A Meditation which Eve Egoyan recorded in 2011 on "Returnings: Music of Ann Southam"

- - Review - - Wholenote Magazine 02 June 2013

- - Review - - Barczablog April 15th, 2013

- - Review - - Musical Toronto April 18th, 2013

- - Review - - WQXR Music Album of the Week

- - Review - - I care if you listen May 14, 2013

- - Review - - The Toronto Star Apr 15 2013

Purchase the disc at: Centrediscs CD-CMCCD 19113 and iTunes

Eve Egoyan "Returnings" Compostions for Piano by Ann Southam

Eve's previous disc RETURNINGS
Compostions by ANN SOUTHAM

Released December 2, 2011 at the Glenn Gould Studio with a world première performance of: Returnings II: A Meditation and Toronto première performances of Qualities of Consonance (1998) and Returnings I  (2010).

This recording by Eve features works, all world première recordings by Ann Southam, one of Canada’s finest composers.

- - NEW RETURNINGS Review - - Sequenza 21: Andy Lee on Ann Southam

- - Review - -
from The Globe and Mail "Year in Review"
Published Monday, Dec. 26, 2011 7:00PM EST

Our verdict is in: This was the year’s best music

1. Ann Southam: RETURNINGS
Eve Egoyan, piano

So different from the joyful minimalism of her earlier music, the late Ann Southam’s final works for piano, written for Eve Egoyan, are spare and haunting, inhabiting a circumscribed world where the expressive resonance of even the simplest musical element is questioned, and where resolution is always possible but rarely permanent.
- -

Please read below for reviews of Simple Lines of Enquiry by Ann Southam.

RETURNINGS is available through the CMC Boutique

Eve Egoyan CD Anne Southams Simple Lines of inquiry

"2009 : Ten Exceptional Recordings"
Alex Ross, The New Yorker magazine

“The test of a great recording is whether you find yourself temporarily unable to live without it. For certain overlapping periods this year, I couldn’t stop listening to…Ann Southam’s immense, mysterious piano piece Simple Lines of Enquiry.” - Alex Ross, The New Yorker

Simple Lines of Enquiry by Ann Southam performed by Eve Egoyan on Centrediscs (a world première recording of a one-hour long Canadian composition performed by a Canadian pianist on a Canadian label funded by the Canada Council for the Arts) has been selected as one of this year’s top ten classical recordings by one of the world’s most renowned classical music reviewers, Alex Ross (music critic of The New Yorker since 1996 and author of “The Rest Is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century” which won a National Book Critics Circle Award, the Guardian First Book Award, and the Royal Philharmonic Society Creative Communication Award; appeared on the New York Times's list of the ten best books of year; and was a finalist for the Pulitzer and the Samuel Johnson prizes).

"I can't say enough about the quiet, simple beauty of Canadian composer Ann Southam's new, one-hour piano suite Simple Lines of Enquiry, or about its sparkling interpreter, Toronto pianist Eve Egoyan. Just released on the Centrediscs label, piece and pianist create a profound experience that transcends any and all musical genres." - John Terauds, The Toronto Star

“On his New Yorker blog, the magazine’s music critic Alex Ross singles out ‘Ten Exceptional Recordings’ of 2009. One, sharing the hit parade of the most prominent U.S. writer on classical music with recordings of Mozart, Schubert and Ravel, is Canadian…clearly it has a powerful hold on the attention of at least some people who hear it, and more should hear it. Southam’s work, already one of the most prominent Canadian compositions of the past 30 years because it has caught the fancy of one prominent critic, sounds as though it was written as a response to Feldman’s question: “Do we have anything in music for example that really wipes everything out? That just cleans everything away?” If you have an ear for quiet adventure I cannot recommend Southam’s piece highly enough.” – Paul Wells, Macleans.ca

To purchase this disc online please visit the Canadian Music Centre’s Boutique.
Also available at the following stores: L'Atelier Grigorian, Soundscapes, and Musideum in Toronto.

Surface Tension (2009) by David Rokeby and Eve Egoyan. Eve's most recent collaboration Surface Tension with media artist David Rokeby (structured improvisations on a disklavier piano and real-time images) View Video

More about Eve´s CDs: 5, RETURNINGS, Simple Lines of Enquiry, thethingsinbetween, Hidden Corners (Recoins), The Art of Touching the Keyboard, Wu, Weave and Asking.

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