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Today marks the release of the next two works in the Other Minds Live series: Alvin Curran'sInner Cities 8 performed by Canadian pianist Eve Egoyan at Other Minds 7 and Christian Wolff's Melodyperformed by Wolff himself at Other Minds 6. Curran's 44-minute work is a ravishingly-beautiful meditation, lovingly performed. The price of this download is $9.99. Wolff's music, in a rare recorded performance by the composer himself on melodica is only four minutes long and is available at $0.99. The OM Live series is distributed by Naxos Global and is available for purchase on iTunes andAmazon. Your purchase will include detailed liner notes form the original concert programs. OM Live can also be heard streaming on Pandora and Spotify. Read more about the new Other Minds Live series below and be sure to keep an eye out for our next installation.

About Other Minds Live
Other Minds Records is pleased to announce a new series of digital download releases, Other Minds Live. OM Live is a collection of live recordings from past Other Minds Festivals, released to coincide with the landmark 20th anniversary of the Other Minds Festival. Widely regarded among contemporary music fans as a worldly intersection for non-commercial, challenging, and beautiful music, Other Minds has unflinchingly championed the work of composers and musicians committed to advancing our understanding of what constitutes serious music. This collection spans the wide variety of work presented at Other Minds Festivals in the first decade of the 21st century. From lush classical to stark minimalism to the outer limits of free improvisation and all points between, the Other Minds Live series represents a culminating experience from 20 years of tireless musical pursuit.

In keeping with OM's artistic vision, OM Live includes work from some of the most renowned composers to appear at the Festival and places them alongside under-recognized composers of equally venerable talent. Highlights include Alvin Curran's piano solo, Inner Cities 8, during which performer Eve Egoyan lulls listeners with sparsely scattered and gauzy piano impressions that flare up unexpectedly into flourishes of breakneck sound; an engaging improvisation from Fred Frith & Sudhu Tewari that roams a sprawling soundscape where lush electronic thickets devolve into thorny scrapes and stabs; and a rare performance of John Cage & Michael Bach Bachtischa's meditation on F#, One13, a posthumous Cage "number piece" that weaves live cello into a tapestry of pre-recorded drones.



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